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We Go Beyond

Exceeding Expectations

We are Beyond Property Management, where we transcend the ordinary in every aspect of our service. We are more than a property management company; we're a team that excels in cleaning, oversight, and concierge services, always striving to surpass expectations. But at the heart of what we do is a dedication to open communication, a readiness to meet any challenge, and an unwavering attention to detail. We are steadfast in our mission to go beyond, turning property management into a personalized experience where every interaction, every service, and every solution demonstrates our commitment to your ultimate satisfaction.

Our Story

In the heart of Breckenridge, Colorado, where the majesty of the Ten Mile Range meets the charm of a mountain town, Liz and Clay embarked on a journey to redefine the essence of property care. Driven by their collective background in the hospitality industry and a passion for exceeding guest expectations, the couple found their calling in the wake of a global crisis. As the early pandemic led to the closing of restaurants, Liz and Clay turned their uncertainty into opportunity, leveraging their skills to serve the homeowners of Summit County. Thus, Beyond Property Management was born, a testament to resilience, tenacity, and a vision to go beyond the norm.

The duo's experience in luxury hospitality forms the backbone of Beyond Property Management. Their time in the industry instilled in them a deep-seated dedication to hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to anticipate and cater to guest needs. These traits translated seamlessly into the property management business, allowing Liz and Clay to not just meet but surpass homeowners' expectations. They understood early on that the magic lies in the details - whether it's carefully selecting the perfect vendor for lawn maintenance or curating personalized local experiences as part of their concierge service.


From its humble beginnings as a cleaning business to a full-fledged property management company, Beyond Property Management's growth has been organic, driven by the trust and relationships Liz and Clay have built with homeowners over the years. Every property managed, every bespoke service provided, is a reflection of Liz and Clay's commitment to delivering a service that mirrors their own high standards. Their journey, while rooted in the rugged charm of Breckenridge and the peaks of the Ten Mile Range, stretches beyond the horizon, continuously reaching for new heights in property care and guest service. It's not just their business; it's their story of transforming hospitality into a home.

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